Upgrade Your Accuracy With This Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Controller

Every gamer knows that accuracy trumps all in the heat of combat. A split-second delay or the slightest overshoot can be the difference between hitting that kill streak or dying. No one applauds second place, so if it’s not your kill, why bother watching the kill-cam? Although your end-of-game score depends 90% on your skill, the final 10% might be lacking if your gear doesn’t match up.

We put all of our trust in our gaming controllers to accurately represent what we’re telling them to do. However, PC gamers have long espoused the superiority of the keyboard and mouse combo. Sure enough, there’s an elegant and affordable solution that provides console users KBM accuracy. The XIM Apex is the premier keyboard-and-mouse to controller adapter for Xbox and PlayStation, offering reliability and precision for just $105 .

The XIM Apex is the demanding console gamer’s best friend. Its Smart Translator tech provides console gamers 1:1 gaming precision by using a keyboard and mouse. Setup is quick and easy thanks to the wireless smartphone tool, allowing gamers to play from their couch in the living room. You can also plug in your peripherals directly if you prefer playing up close and personal on a desk. Regardless, the accuracy, precision, and response time remain true.

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Author: Stack Commerce