21 Courses That Will Teach You American Sign Language For $20

Have you ever wanted to learn sign language? Many people do, but the thought of communicating without words can feel intimidating. And yet, American Sign Language is the primary form of communication for the hearing and speaking impaired, with around 500,000 people using ASL in the U.S. and Canada. ASL has even seen new interest thanks to movies such as A Quiet Place.

When you learn any new language, you have an easier time understanding and relating to people and cultures different from your own. The same is true of sign language, only when you learn ASL, you also help give a voice to a group of people who struggle to be heard. And it’s never been easier to learn sign language than now with The Ultimate Learn American Sign Language Bundle , which is on sale for $20 right now.

This incredible bundle consists of 21 courses that teach the fundamentals of American Sign Language. Students will have the opportunity to learn everything from the manual alphabet, fingerspelling, to words and phrases essential to daily conversation such as food, occupations, and family. You’ll even discover vocabulary that helps you communicate emotions.

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