Xbox Series X|S May Update Rolls Out Today, Fixes Quick Resume Complaints

The May 2021 update for Xbox Series X|S is rolling out today, and it brings with it some much-requested fixes to the Quick Resume feature. This update improves stability and performance for Quick Resume, meaning your experience with it should be both more reliable and quicker.

The main fixes are improved reliability and loading times when switching between games, which will help smooth out some of the complaints from players. In addition, the update also helps make it easier to tell whether or not a game supports Quick Resume (since some titles only work with a traditional boot sequence). The game you’re currently playing will have a tag that lists if it supports the feature, and your game library will now have a Group that lists all the titles currently saved in Quick Resume.

Quick Resume is one of the main features differentiating Xbox Series X|S from the PS5. With it, you can keep up to six games suspended in the background, letting you switch between them on the fly without rebooting any of them. While it’s a great feature in theory, players have occasionally hit reliability issues when using it, so this update is a welcome fix to help bolster a big part of the Xbox Series X|S experience.

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Author: Alex Newhouse