Destiny 2 Servers Are A Mess Of “Honeydew” Errors For Players Starting Season Of The Splicer

Destiny 2‘s servers are struggling as players attempt to log in for the game’s latest content season, the Season of the Splicer. Currently, many are getting notifications that servers are at capacity or that they’re losing connection to players’ games, while others are receiving the “Honeydew” error code when they try to load into any destinations.

The errors seem like they stem from an overload of activity due to players trying to play the game’s new content, which kicks off with a story mission on Europa. For our part, we’ve been able to play through the opening mission, but trying to land on any destination is currently impossible.

Bungie has acknowledged the server situation and said on Twitter that it’s investigating the error codes, including Honeydew. But the developer hasn’t suggested any fixes or made any mention of when servers might start working better for players–so it seems we’re stuck waiting right now.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw