Red Dead Online’s Weekly Update Hands Out Double Rewards To Moonshiners

This week’s Red Dead Online update is all about bootlegging, as purveyors of alcoholic beverages can earn some big bonuses over the next couple of days. Developer Rockstar Games detailed all this and more in its latest blog post, which you can read the highlights of below.

Double rewards for Moonshiners

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Alcohol, the cause of and the solution to all of life’s problems, is in high demand from a populace that doesn’t want to remain teetotal this week. Completing any and all Moonshiner Story and Bootlegger Missions this week earns players double the cash and character XP, with Moonshine sales offering 1.5 times the regular payout.

All Moonshiners will receive 10 free Mash Refills for playing Red Dead Online this week, and destroying any five Revenue Agent roadblocks earns you a discount for 40% off of any novice or promising Moonshiner item of your choosing. Moonshiners who have reached Rank 20 will receive a discount for 40% off an established or distinguished class item after completing their first sale this week, and the price of a Moonshine Shack has been reduced by five gold bars until May 3.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys