Netflix Adds “Play Something” Shuffle Feature For All Users

Starting today, Netflix has officially launched its new “Play Something” feature to all its users, adding a button across the streaming service’s user interface to automatically suggest new shows and movies. As a tweet from Netflix indicates, the button will be located in multiple spots throughout the app: “underneath your name, as a row on the homepage, or in the menu.”

“Play Something” will show viewers one of three selections: either a new series or film similar to ones you’ve watched before, an episode or film you’ve already watched long ago and may want to revisit, and an episode from a show you’ve started but haven’t finished (picking up exactly where you left off). Netflix also released a quick video announcing this new viewing option, featuring Will Arnett as a remote who is tired of having its buttons pushed–check it out below.

The big takeaway from the video above, Netflix seems to be hoping, is that the feature isn’t understood as a “random” button that disregards your established tastes and preferences on the streaming service. On the other hand, the feature seems just as likely to help you add to your likely daunting queue as it does help you catch up on it.

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Author: David Wolinsky