Falcon/Winter Soldier Writer Emphasizes Bucky’s Heterosexuality, In Case You Missed It In The Show

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a long and troubling road in terms of queer representation onscreen. After Endgame’s director-insert “queer character,” where a nameless man played by a Russo brother bemoaned missing baseball and bad dates was officially noted as the “first” for the MCU in 2019, it seemed like there was nowhere to go but up. Some fans even started hoping that a show like Falcon and The Winter Soldier could be a chance for Marvel to make good and start to pay off the long-running fan reading of Bucky Barnes as a bisexual man.

This wish wasn’t without some grounds in the text of the show, and even the promotional material, which teased things like “relationship counseling” between Sam and Bucky.

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Author: Mason Downey