The Best Pokemon Spin-Offs

Like so many of Nintendo’s other marquee franchises, the Pokemon series has produced numerous spin-offs over the last 25 years, branching out into genres as disparate as puzzlers, dungeon crawlers, pinball, and even fighting games. Although not everyone of these experiments turned out to be a success, there have been some wonderful off-shoot Pokemon games, many of which are now considered classics in their own right.

If you’ve been following the franchise for as long as we have, you’ve likely played your share of Pokemon spin-offs over the years, and there may even be some that you enjoy more than the mainline series. To celebrate the release of New Pokemon Snap, the latest off-shoot title to arrive on Nintendo Switch, we’ve rounded up our favorite Pokemon spin-off games and why they hold such a fond place in our hearts. While not every one of these titles is a classic in its genre, each one did something unique that captured our attention and enhanced our love for the series. Be sure to also tell us what your favorite Pokemon spin-offs are in the comments below!

New Pokemon Snap launches for Nintendo Switch on April 30, more than 20 years after the original Pokemon Snap hit the Nintendo 64. Despite this long wait for a sequel, the original game remains one of the most beloved Pokemon spin-offs among fans, making New Pokemon Snap one of this year’s most anticipated Switch releases. You can read more about the game and what preorder bonuses are available at different retailers in our New Pokemon Snap preorder guide.

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Author: GameSpot Staff