Apex Legends’ Peacekeeper Shotgun Returns To Ground Loot In Season 9

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy will see the return of one of the game’s most powerful weapons, the Peacekeeper shotgun, to ground loot. Like the Triple Take, the Peacekeeper comes with the Precision Choke hop-up naturally equipped.

The Peacekeeper was pulled from ground loot in Season 5: Fortune’s Favor, replacing the Mastiff shotgun in care packages. It has remained in care packages for the past four seasons. With the Peacekeeper’s return to ground loot, the Triple Take is being put into care packages, where it will automatically come equipped with the 2x-4x Variable AOG Scope.

The Peacekeeper returning to ground loot isn’t the only major weapon change coming in Season 9. A new weapon type is being added. Called Marksman Weapons, this classification includes the G7 Scout, Triple Take, 30-30 Repeater, and brand-new Bocek Compound Bow.

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Author: Jordan Ramée