Civilization 6’s April Update Lets You Try And Take Over The World

Fans of Civilization VI will have a new experience the next time they log in, as the game’s April Update has added new units, maps, and balance adjustments.

New units coming via the April Update include the Trebuchet and the Man-at-Arms in the Medieval era as well as the Line Infantry in the Industrial Era. The highly-requested Trebuchet is a Siege promotion class upgrade to the Catapult that can upgrade to the Bombard, the Man-at-Arms now fits between the Swordsman and the Musketman in the Melee promotion class, and the Line Infantry is an upgrade for Musketman.

New locales being added include the Mediterranean Large Map — a large-scale map of the Mediterranean region — as well as the Earth Huge Map, a map that spans the entire globe. Both maps will have historically accurate types of resources and terrains, as well as True Starting Location (TSL) versions of each map where the capital of each player’s civilization sits in the actual real-world location of the city in question. If you’re playing as Portugal on TSL Earth Huge, expect to start right next to Spain.

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Author: Jason Fanelli