DayZ’s Big 1.12 Update Changes The Way Combat Feels

DayZ‘s 1.12 update is live, and it’s a big one. The new update introduces sweeping changes to both PVP and Player Vs Infected combat, making new playstyles and strategies more viable. The update includes changes to firearms, ammo, and protective gear, and even adds new weapons and items into the game.

Changes have been made to the way infected act, making them both deadlier and harder to damage in close melee combat. To balance that out, they are now a little slower to react to sounds, meaning it will be easier to avoid a combat situation if you’re stealthy. Infected will also lose interest if they lose a target, and will no longer attack unconscious players.

Other changes will affect the way PVP combat feels, thanks to changes to weaponry and armor. A handful of new weapons have been added, including the Pioneer rifle and two new knives. Similar weapons have been differentiated so that each weapon has its own distinct advantage in combat–for example, non-automatic rifles are now stronger and more accurate than their automatic counterparts, while smaller weapons and suppressed weapons will no longer be able to be heard from a large distance.

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Author: Hayley Williams