Call Of Duty: Warzone Player Uses A Real Piano To Rack Up Kills

Call of Duty: Warzone players are no strangers to playing the game with musical instruments instead of a regular controller or a mouse and keyboard, but one player has begun earning kills in the battle royale using nothing but a piano. Reddit user Grooviehoovie posted several videos of piano-perforation skills, showing off a surprising amount of dexterity in the high-intensity game.

If the video looks too good for a player who’s limited to a row of ivory for movement and action commands, it’s not because Grooviehoovie is using an aimbot. He instead practiced by using the aim trainer KovaaK 2.0 to create a piano routine that significantly improved his skills and map keypresses to aim better. A solid month of training later, and Grooviehoovie’s muscle memory allowed him to bang out kills and concertos. It doesn’t sound too bad, either:

“It looks like aimbot because I’m using button presses to aim, and my program doesn’t have an option for smoother mouse movement,” Grooviehoovie explained in a reddit post. “If u look at my right hand, I’m using D to look left, F to look right, G to look up and B to look down, along with C# and F# added to look left and right more quickly.”

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys