Apex Legends Legacy Launch Trailer Releases Tomorrow, May Reveal Brand-New Arena Mode

Looks like Apex Legends is getting a major brand-new mode, something akin to Fortnite adopting a battle royale mode–a move that transformed the game forever. It most likely has to do with the Arena teaser that you can discover in Apex Legends right now, and we’ll seemingly learn more via the Apex Legends Legacy launch trailer that debuts tomorrow, April 22.

“Few game devs recognized this lesson from Fortnite: You can delight players and drive massive growth for a game by adding a new / different genre as a ‘mode’ and supporting it as a full game,” Respawn director of communication Ryan K. Rigney tweeted. “League of Legends did it with [Teamfight Tactics].”

Rigney then says that the Apex Legends Legacy launch trailer is coming out tomorrow, though he adds it’s “unrelated” to the vague observation he made about games being able to transform for the better by adopting new genres as game modes. Sure it isn’t, Rigney. Sure it isn’t.

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Author: Jordan Ramée