A Roblox Game About Adopting Critters Just Set A New Concurrent Player Record

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Roblox, it’s less a self-contained game than it is a platform for third-party developers to release their own unique games and experiences onto. One of the most popular is Adopt Me, a game that sees players collecting and hatching cute collectable creatures from eggs. Adopt Me regularly breaks concurrent user records on the platform when releasing new content, and its latest release was no different, seeing almost 2 million players in the game at once.

The news was tweeted out by Adopt Me developer Josh Ling, who celebrated 1.92 million concurrent players logging on for the game’s April 17 Ocean Egg release. The Adopt Me studio DreamCraft beat their own previous record of 1.78 million, and have been record-setters many times before that. Many of the comments on Adopt Me’s tweets and YouTube videos come from Roblox players complaining about Adopt Me’s massive releases “breaking” the Roblox platform.

The game’s updates are designed to foster record-breaking numbers of concurrent users, encouraging players to log in to participate in a live countdown to new content releases. This results in the steep player spikes seen in Ling’s screenshots, which he has previously taken to YouTube to explain after criticism that the player data looked suspicious.

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Author: Hayley Williams