Nintendo Is Suing Bowser, Or At Least Someone Named Bowser

Nintendo is a big fan of Bowser. In fact, Nintendo of America’s president is even Doug Bowser, as of a few years ago. However, not all Bowsers are in the company’s good graces, as Nintendo has filed a lawsuit alleging that a man named Gary Bowser is in charge of a piracy operation targeting the Switch.

In a lawsuit filed in Seattle (via Polygon), Nintendo alleges that Gary Bowser is one of the leaders of a piracy group called Team Xecuter, which makes and sells an operating system called SX OS that is used to circumvent Nintendo Switch security systems. Once installed, Nintendo says this OS allows for pirated games to be played on Nintendo Switch, which would be otherwise impossible.

“If a user already owns a lawful, properly purchased Nintendo Switch game, the user can use the SX OS and accompanying features to turn that game into an unlawful copy, which allows the user to share additional unauthorized copies with more users also using the SX OS on the Nintendo Switch,” the lawsuit says.

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Author: Gabe Gurwin