GTA Online Lives The High Life In Latest Weekly Update

This week’s GTA Online update has gone live, and for anyone looking to celebrate 4/20 Day before it goes up in smoke, there’ll be plenty of worthwhile rewards. Green clothing, an SUV that will make nearly everyone jealous, and automobile wrestling were all detailed in the latest blog post from Rockstar Games, which you can read the highlights of below.

Triple Rewards On Classic Sumo Modes

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If you’re interested in taking part in the ancient Japanese sport of wrestling but with cars instead, then this week’s Sumo event will be well worth venturing into the ring for. Just like the real sport, you’ll need to stay in the ring, using either pure horsepower from a heavy-duty vehicle or a more nimble strategy with a sleek and sporty car to take control of the zone.

Survive and you’ll earn triple the usual cash and respect points in Sumo and Sumo Remix until April 21.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys