Resident Evil Village Brings Back Mercenaries Mode With First-Person View And New Features

Resident Evil Village will see the return of the arcade-style shooter mode The Mercenaries, a fan-favorite addition that we last saw in the franchise in Resident Evil 6. But while the gist of the mode retains its similarities to what we’ve seen of The Mercenaries in the past–it’s a fast-paced game type that focuses on killing enemies as quickly as you can to advance–the mode is getting a few new elements in Resident Evil Village that will change how it plays in some significant ways.

Capcom announced the return of the mode in its 25th Anniversary Resident Evil Showcase presentation, where it showed off some of the gameplay we can expect when it launches with Resident Evil Village on May 7. The mode makes changes to what we’ve seen from The Mercenaries in the past, adopting the first-person perspective of Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7 (as opposed to the past third-person perspective) and gives you the ability to buy different guns, ammo, and weapons upgrades in between levels. It also adds new abilities you can grab around the map that give you perks and change how you play, providing bonuses like faster sprint speed, higher resilience to incoming damage, and the ability to dish out more punishment from your weapons.

At first blush, it looks a lot like the Resident Evil 4 take on the mode–you run around an arena modeled on one of the locations from the game (like the titular Village), taking down waves of various enemies who spawn around you. The whole thing is timed, so you’re encouraged to knock out baddies as quickly as you can, and you get more time on the clock when you pick up specific items around the map. The idea is to clear out the enemies as fast as you can, and when you kill a certain number, the level ends.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw