Outriders Patch Addresses Inventory Wipes, But Doesn’t Restore Lost Items Yet

The latest patch for Outriders is available now and, among other things, it addresses an issue that could cause player inventories to become wiped. This patch does not, however, restore any inventory content you might have lost.

Square Enix said in a blog post that it feels confident that new Outriders patch should stop inventory wipes from happening in the future. To test things out, Square Enix will monitor the situation this weekend to make sure that’s the case, and then it will begin the process of restoring inventory content that players might have lost.

“As soon as we are satisfied by the patch’s effectiveness, we will share extra details including timelines of our upcoming inventory restoration process,” the company said. More details will be shared on the restoration process at a later date.

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Author: Eddie Makuch