Feels is a new dating app trying to ditch swiping for Stories

You scroll through people’s profiles, similar to a TikTok feed. | Video: Feels

There’s a new dating app on the scene called Feels. Its unique selling point is an interface that feels closer to a Snapchat-style story or a TikTok feed, rather than the swipeable cards found in other dating apps. TechCrunch reports it currently has around 100,000 users. Although the app is available globally, the company says its focus is primarily on the French market as it launches more widely.

Feels is styling itself as an “anti-dating app,” but to be clear, this is very much still a dating app. You’re still reacting to profiles and having conversations, which, I’m sure, for a lot of people, will end up with them going on dates. At the same time, though, Feels’ interface, ahem, feels different enough from the competition to make it…

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Author: Jon Porter