Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood Is A Familiar Return To Oblivion, Now With Companions

ZeniMax Online Studios has settled into a predictable and consistent release schedule with The Elder Scrolls Online’s chapters and DLC updates–for better and for worse. The first quarter of every year always gets a two-pack of new four-person group PvE dungeons, the second quarter gets a massive new “chapter” expansion, the third quarter gets two more dungeon releases, and then the final quarter of the year is a smaller PvE DLC, usually a new zone that’s directly connected to the year’s big chapter update.

This year’s large chapter expansion, Blackwood, feels significant because it brings in more regions from Tamriel’s central province, Cyrodiil, and lets players return to the Planes of Oblivion to once again wage war against the Daedra. For an MMO that’s already retread Morrowind and Skyrim areas, it’s only natural to bring back Oblivion as well.

Betting On Blackwood

Blackwood features about 30 hours of new storyline content, in addition to tons of new side quests, delves, public dungeons, world bosses, and more across the new zone. Blackwood’s version of world events take on the form of Oblivion portals that crack open around the region, similar to Dark Anchors from the base game, Abyssal Geysers from Summerset, Harrowstorms from Greymoor, and so on.

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Author: David Jagneaux