Call Of Duty Warzone Could Use More Than Just A New Map

Call of Duty’s long-teased Warzone event may finally come to fruition on April 21, with a nuke threat that might bring an end to the map of Verdansk as we know it. A fresh battleground would definitely spice things up, but I think Warzone needs more than just a different map.

Originally, the rumor mill was brewing with talks of Warzone getting a completely new, Cold War-themed map based in the Ural Mountains. Now, leaks and teases have surfaced to show Warzone is likely getting a 1980s-themed reskin for Verdansk. Regardless of whether we time travel back to the ’80s or get surprised with a completely new map, there are some ways to improve the quality of life for Warzone.

For being such a huge contender in the battle royale space, Warzone can oftentimes feel very stale. Personally, I expected more drastic changes to be implemented with Black Ops: Cold War’s integration, but we mostly just got the Cold War weapon pool added into the mix. A lot of what I’d like to see is simply geared towards keeping Warzone fresh for future seasons.

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Author: S.E. Doster