Blooming Business: Casino’s New Trailer Reveals A Dark Criminal Underbelly To This Cute-Looking Game

French developer Homo Ludens has revealed a new trailer for Blooming Business: Casino, the studio’s debut title. The trailer for the tycoon strategy game initially seems rather cute, before revealing Blooming Business has a rather dark narrative undercurrent.

Set in a fictional universe of anthropomorphic animals, Blooming Business sees you create your own casino, with building layouts and machines inspired by 1950s Las Vegas. The storylines in the game are inspired by the same era, creating a shady criminal underworld that you’ll have to contend with as you strive to make a profit.

“Classic tycoons all have magic in them, and we want to respect that formula, but Blooming Business: Casino will add some emphasis on the drama,” Homo Ludens founder and CEO David Ranineau said. “It’s a game in which people will come to create their own casino and they will hopefully stay for what happens in it–we have interesting characters, meaningful narrative events. Players will have to make choices, some tougher than others.”

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Author: Jordan Ramée