Gigabyte is announcing three OLED gaming monitors with HDMI 2.1 and TV sizes

Image: Gigabyte

Gigabyte has announced three new 4K OLED gaming monitors, which feature HDMI 2.1, the somewhat hard-to-find display connector that allows for high refresh rate gaming at 4K (via TweakTown). Besides having some of the best tech available in TVs or monitors, all three have desk-dominating sizes. According to a press release posted by VideoCardz, the monitors will also feature VESA’s HDR 1000 standard and come in three sizes: 32, 43, and a mind-boggling (for a gaming monitor anyway; we’ll get back to that) 48 inches.

The 48-inch version is a little different, and it set off a firestorm of discussion at The Verge, so let’s set it aside for just one moment. The 32- and 43-inch monitors, named the FI32U and the FV43U, respectively, will…

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Author: Mitchell Clark