Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 Is Live With New Nier Automata Raid

The first part of Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 5.5 went live on April 13. Originally announced on February 6, the new update is titled Death Unto Dawn. It will set the stage for the next expansion, Endwalker–the story that will wrap up Hydaelyn and Zodiark’s long running arc.

The second part of Patch 5.5 will release at the end of May, after the digital FFXIV Fan Fest. The following details delve into Patch 5.5, so spoilers beware for those not caught up with the storyline or those that want to go into the new content blind.

In the main storyline, it’s clear Eorzea is facing (yet another) existential threat. In the trailer, all of the Head of States are gathered in what looks like a very important meeting. The narration too implies the need for everybody to fight against a common enemy or else be annihilated. The optional side quest Sorrow of Werlyt will get its conclusion in Patch 5.5 as well.

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Author: Jenny Zheng