Call Of Duty: Warzone Teaser Points To Verdansk Dam Event This Month

A Call of Duty influencer package has teased a Warzone event involving the Verdansk dam that will happen April 21. As Warzone players well know, reports have fueled rumors and speculation that the game’s Verdansk map will soon be destroyed as part of its ongoing zombie event, likely by the nukes that players have spotted over the last few weeks.

However, this package that publisher Activision sent out to Call of Duty influencers would seem to be a rare official hint that something is about to go down. As the below tweet from CoD news feed @CharlieIntel shows, the package includes a hard hat marked with a gas mask logo and the text Verdansk Dam. It’s also accompanied by the message: “Once the hostels reach here, we levee a guess that Verdansk is all but gone to the damned. April 21, 12 PM.”

While we appreciate Activision’s A-plus punning, this would seem to confirm theories that the zombies would slowly overwhelm various areas of the map until the authorities are forced to blow up Verdansk with nukes. This is supported by the fact that the zombie outbreak has gotten worse in recent days. If you’re looking to see what else is new in Warzone and Cold War this week, check out our weekly rundown. In other news, both games recently received a powerful new sniper rifle.

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Author: Steven T. Wright