Hood: Outlaws & Legends Will Test Your Morality As A Vigilante

In Hood: Outlaws & Legends, you and your friends won’t automatically be the straight-laced heroes of the Robin Hood mythos. Once you’ve completed your mission and successfully stolen from the rich, you’ll have to decide how much of the gold you actually want to give to the poor.

“After the match, we present you with this thing called the scales of justice,” Hood: Outlaws & Legends game director Andrew Willans told me when I asked him about the game’s narrative. “So your gold that you’ve earned is in two pots, and one is for the people and one is for your pocket, and you can move the gold between those pots to decide where you want to apportion it.”

As Willans explains it, the money you keep for yourself can be spent on new cosmetic items as well as in-game perks, such as transforming the Mystic’s poison gas bombs into healing bombs so that he can better keep his teammates alive.

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Author: Jordan Ramée