Hood: Outlaws & Legends Will Have PS5 DualSense Enhancements

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is an upcoming PvPvE heist game loosely based on the Robin Hood mythos. Though the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of the game will only have minor differences performance-wise, the PS5 version will host several DualSense controller improvements.

“We’ve done something quite interesting with the calibration on [the DualSense controller],” Hood: Outlaws & Legends game director Andrew Willans told me. “So you’ve got the resistance triggers, these adaptive triggers, and they work really well for a bow and arrow, as you can imagine.”

He continued: “[The controller] recreates that tension of the bow, and–as you loose the arrow–the sensation of the arrow flying, which is really cool. We pushed that further for the melee characters as well, so that as you’re swinging John’s hammer–the more you’re swinging, and your stamina is depleting–it becomes tougher to actually swing; you feel finger fatigue from swinging the hammer.”

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Author: Jordan Ramée