Guide To Refresh Rates And Response Times In Gaming Monitors 2021

Picking out the right monitor for your gaming PC might seem simple at first, but looks can be deceiving. It used to be a simple matter of getting the right resolution and the right cable. But now you have to worry about the panel type, the cable inputs, whether it has FreeSync or G-Sync, and more.

Two of the most important monitor specs to make sense of if you’re new to PC gaming are refresh rates and response time. We’ll cover what each of those terms mean, what specs influence them, and how to get the right monitor for your rig. For an overview of all the tech that goes into a gaming monitor, check out our guide to monitor technologies.

What is refresh rate?

Refresh rate is one of the marquee features of displays, especially since the advent of gaming displays with refresh rates higher than 100 Hertz (Hz). To that end, you’ll see it at the top of just about any monitor product page.

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Author: Eric Frederiksen