Minecraft Sounds’ Surprising Origins Revealed In New Podcast

Anyone who plays Minecraft knows how unique the game’s music and sound design is. Now, a new episode of the podcast Twenty Thousand Hertz reveals the origins of some of the game’s most iconic noises, and you can listen to it right here.

On the podcast, host Dallas Taylor speaks with original Minecraft sound designer and composer Daniel Rosenfeld–better known by fans as C418–about how he got involved with Minecraft to begin with, what he was thinking when he composed the game’s music, and how many of the sound effects were created.

According to C418, Minecraft’s piano-heavy score was unique among indie games at the time, which mostly featured chiptunes-style music. But the composer was inspired by an obscure game called Dwarf Fortress, a game with upbeat flamenco-style music that contrasted with its simple visuals. So he went with something melancholy and orchestral for Minecraft.

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Author: Michael Rougeau