New Trailer For The Fermi Paradox Showcases How You’ll Try To Overcome The Titular Contradiction

Developer Anomaly Games has revealed a new trailer for The Fermi Paradox. A choice-driven strategy game, The Fermi Paradox will launch for PC in 2021.

In The Fermi Paradox, you do your best to overcome the titular contradiction, which asks: If there are stars like our sun out there that support the hypothesis that other planets could host sentient life, why have we never made contact with aliens? By sheer probability, we should have met something at this point–the implication is that humanity is an evolutionary mistake and we are alone in the galaxy, or every species faces an extinction-level event before they evolve to the point of meeting other sentient life.

Gameplay-wise, this translates into you overseeing a galaxy, making choices as to how 10 different species that each originate on 10 different planets evolve, build society, and work towards exploring the stars. But you only cultivate each society with nudges in certain directions, you have no direct control over how each culture grows. So perhaps your good intentions lead a world to destruction, or a mistake leads to a happy accident.

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Author: Jordan Ramée