Mortal Kombat Gets New IMAX Poster From BossLogic

Australian artist BossLogic has taken to Twitter to announce that he’s been tapped to create the official IMAX Mortal Kombat movie poster. That announcement, which also thoughtfully shared the striking poster, can be viewed below.

The upcoming Mortal Kombat film hits theaters and HBO Max on April 23, and expectations for the movie only continue to climb. The film has a lot to live up to as it’s continuing the legacy of one of the most iconic video game franchises of all times–but it’s been a few decades since its two predecessors, Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation in 1995 and 1997 respectively.

Australian commercial director Simon McQuoid is making his feature directorial debut with Mortal Kombat, and he has leaned into making a splashy start to his film career. In a recent interview, McQuoid said he aims to have the best fight scenes ever committed to film, which will “drive character forward and story forward within the fight.” Whether he and the cast and crew managed to pull this off remains to be seen and will be revealed later this month–the fact that the film has been rated R is a good sign, however. Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation were both rated PG-13.

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Author: David Wolinsky