Sea Of Thieves Season 2 Teaser Surfaces, Lets You Hide In A Barrel

A teaser for Sea Of Thieves Season 2 has revealed its release date, and it also shows off some of the shiny new loot that players can claim when it launches on April 15. At 30 seconds, the teaser isn’t exactly brimming with details, but it does show off a fancy red ship sailing into a scary-looking horizon.

Later in the teaser, we see a pirate do their best Solid Snake impression by putting a barrel over their head in what is likely a new emote. While it’s not clear if savvy players will fall for such a trick–after all, an extra barrel can mean the difference between life and death in a seafaring duel– but it is pretty amusing.

Sea of Thieves added a seasonal structure back in January in order to deliver new content at a more consistent rate. Season 1 also introduced the game’s first battle pass, which is free and features 100 levels. Presumably, Season 2 will add a new battle pass to the game, and it will last three or four months. Sea of Thieves recently had its biggest month ever in January 2021, almost three years after its original release.

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Author: Steven T. Wright