PUBG Mobile Update Adds Karakin Map, Introduces Rocket Launcher

PUBG Mobile has finally added Karakin, one of the most popular maps in the original PUBG. The desert-themed map is compact and focuses heavily on verticality. In addition to the new 64-player map, the fresh update adds the Panzerfaust rocket launcher and sticky bombs to your arsenal.

The update also introduces a modified version of the original PUBG’s “red zone” mechanic. Called “Demolition Zones,” players need to watch out for purple parts of the minimap, because they might get blown up. These Demolition Zones also cause damage to buildings, meaning that they could destroy the precious loot inside before you can claim it.

The update also adds bullet penetration mechanics to Karakin, meaning that certain weapons can shoot through the thin walls of the map. This new patch follows closely on the heels of the 1.3 Update from earlier in March, which added a music-themed gameplay mode as well as many new features. PUBG Mobile recently crossed 1 billion downloads. For more info, check out the brief patch notes below.

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Author: Steven T. Wright