Stonefly Devs Focus On Peculiarity To Create Unique Sci-Fi Games

After I ask him what Flight School Studio is all about, creative director Adam Volker laughs and says that the studio’s brand is that of “peculiarity.” Which, given the studio’s track record, makes perfect sense. “We like to make interesting things, and we find interest in oddity, interest in weirdness, and interest in differentness,” he said. “I think we love art, and we love storytelling, and we think there are all sorts of ways to do that that haven’t been done. And so we’re just trying stuff, seeing if it sticks.”

Ahead of the release of a new trailer for Stonefly, Flight School’s latest project, I sat down with Volker to talk about the game, as well as Flight School’s history and identity as a developer. Stonefly is just the most recent game in Flight School’s attempts to make something that’s a bit out there–it’s an intriguingly difficult game to define.

Stonefly is also the second time that Flight School has gone for a more traditional console and PC game than the virtual reality games that defined the studio’s origins. When I asked why Flight School decided to move away from VR games, Volker said, “Well, there’s a boring answer and then an interesting answer. The boring answer is that money dried up in VR.”

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Author: Jordan Ramée