Pac-Man 99, A Battle Royale-Like Pac-Man Game, Out For Nintendo Switch On April 7

Nintendo has announced a new battle royale-style Pac-Man game for Switch called Pac-Man 99. The title launches tomorrow, April 7, and much like Tetris 99, it will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

As with the aforementioned Tetris 99, Pac-Man 99 is a 99-player take on the classic arcade game. Each player will vie to be the last Pac-Man remaining as they navigate a maze and avoid the pursuing ghosts. Any ghosts that you defeat will be sent to other players’ screens as a “Jammer Pac-Man.” Bumping into one of these will reduce the player’s movement speed, making them more vulnerable.

Another new wrinkle in Pac-Man 99 is Sleeping Ghosts. As explained in the announcement trailer, chomping these ghosts will cause them to multiply and form a “ghost train,” setting you up to chomp them all in one fell swoop after you grab a Power Pellet. You can watch the full trailer for Pac-Man 99 below.

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Author: Kevin Knezevic