Monster Hunter Rise’s Best Weapons For Beginners

If you’re starting Monster Hunter Rise, you might be wondering what the best weapon is and which one you should use. Fortunately, we have a weapons guide breaking down all 14 weapons types. But if you’re a newcomer, we understand that you may be looking for a weapon that’s also easy to use, even if it’s not the most ideal choice in the game overall. Don’t worry; we have insight into the best weapons for starting players, which we detail below.

There’s No Such Thing As A “Best Weapon”

First, it’s important to stress that there is no such thing as a singular best weapon in Monster Hunter Rise, at least not in a general sense. Each is rich in nuance and depth, making them all completely viable to use, should you have the patience and skill to learn how to use them properly. Try not to think about Monster Hunter’s weapons falling into categories of what to use and not use. Rather, understand that the arsenal available to you can be leveraged to your benefit if you’re willing to give them each a fair chance.

What Should You Use If You’re A Newcomer?

That said, when it comes to weapons that new players should use to properly ween themselves on the intricacies of Monster Hunter, the best ones are those that have easy-to-memorize combos and offer high damage output with relatively little necessary commitment for performing their individual attacks while allowing for fast evades mid-combo.

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Author: Matt Espineli