Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Quests Tips And Explainer

In addition to standard hunting and capture quests, Monster Hunter Rise introduces a new type of mission called Rampages. These quests crop up periodically and blend horde and tower defense elements, tasking you with defending your fort against several waves of rampaging monsters. They can also be among the game’s most frustrating objectives, and while you can generally avoid most of them, you’ll occasionally need to complete a Rampage to jump up to the next Hunter Rank. If you’re having trouble, here’s an overview of Rampage quests and some tips to help you clear them.

Rampage Quest Overview

Unlike standard quests, which send you off to different locales, Rampages all occur within Kamura Village’s stronghold. The overarching goal of these quests is to defend the fort’s final gate by driving back the invading monsters.

To help you defend the gate, you can place various installations around the stronghold. These fall into one of several categories. There are mountable installations such as ballistas and cannons; these can be manned by players and can fire different types of projectiles to repel monsters. There are also some “automatic” installations such as bamboo bombs; place these on the ground, and they’ll detonate when a monster comes in contact with them, dealing severe damage.

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Author: Kevin Knezevic