Why Game Preservation Is So Important To Microsoft

One of the big advantages of owning an Xbox Series X|S console is that it isn’t just a platform on which the latest games can be played on; it’s also a device that celebrates the entire Xbox legacy through a huge library of backwards compatible titles. For the team that worked on this system for Xbox, it was less about placing a dollar value on older games to drum up sales and more a drive to preserve the history of video games on the new Xbox consoles.

“As we got to working on the program, I got to realize that it was much more than that,” Xbox compatibility lead Peggy Lo explained to director of programming Larry Hyrb on his Major Nelson podcast.

“That these games didn’t just represent like a dollar amount to somebody; it became a lot about the history of what gaming is to the fans, to the people who developed those games, and to the industry itself. These are games that influence the way that games play today. Preserving that history has become so important to the team just so that people can continue to play these games, share them with new people, and kind of celebrate that legacy there.”

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys