This Nintendo Switch is so big you can actually read the text in Skyrim

Nintendo has been rumored to be working on a bigger Switch for a while now, which reportedly could show up later in 2021. But YouTuber Michael Pick isn’t waiting around for a new model from Nintendo — he’s gone and built his own bigger Switch.

Much bigger, as it turns out: almost six feet wide, compared to the regular Switch’s 9.4-inch size.

“I really like the Nintendo Switch. It’s small, it’s portable — but it’s really easy to lose. And for me, that was a problem. So, I decided to fix that by making something that was just a little bit larger,” Pick said. That reads as a bit of an understatement when comparing Pick’s supersized model (which he says is the world’s largest) to the original.

The gigantic version of the…

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Author: Chaim Gartenberg