Hummer’s new electric SUV can drive diagonally, with 300 miles of range and a $110,000 price tag

Hummer has unveiled the SUV version of its electric pickup truck, which comes with up to 300 miles of range and will sell for a suggested retail price of up to $110,595 for its first edition. Reservations for that model are already full, according to GM’s website.

GM, which is producing the electric Hummers under its GMC brand, said the SUV will go into production starting early 2023, with less pricey variants starting at $90,000 in the spring of 2023 and a low-end $80,000 variant with a 250-mile range in the spring of 2024. Previously, the company said that its electric pickup truck will start assembly at the end of 2021, starting with the most expensive trim level.

Like the pickup, the SUV’s $90K-and-up trim levels…

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Author: Andrew J. Hawkins