Apex Legends’ New “Conquistador” Wattson Skin Renamed Following Complaints

Ahead of the start of Apex Legends Chaos Theory, Respawn has renamed the new Wattson legendary skin that will be added during the event. Previously announced as the rather problematic Charged Conquistador, the skin will thankfully now be called Chaos Conductor.

“Thank you to folks who reached out about it and kept us honest,” Respawn director of community and communications Ryan Rigney tweeted. “This was an oversight that shouldn’t have happened.”

Respawn’s decision seems inspired by folks pointing out how uncomfortable they were with Respawn naming one of Wattson’s skins after the conquistadors, a group of white colonizers who are well-known for conquering countries through murder and slavery, and killing thousands of people through the spread of diseases. It’s not a good label to give to any of Apex Legends’ characters.

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Author: Jordan Ramée