You can buy Razer’s tiny Tomahawk gaming PC starting today

Image: Razer

Razer’s small form factor Tomahawk gaming desktop is finally available for sale — mostly. The PC’s main appeal, apart from its size, is that you only need to worry about two parts: the NUC and the graphics card. Razer has said it’s selling a version that comes with just the NUC, which would allow users to slot in a graphics card they already own, but it seems to be marked as out of stock. However, you can get a version that comes with an otherwise extremely hard-to-get RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition.

If you have the $3,199.99 to spend on the version with the 3080, today’s launch seems like the real deal — you can add it to your cart, and Razer’s site says it will ship the next business day. As for the NUC-only version, it’s still listed as…

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Author: Mitchell Clark