Samsung starts shipping its most ambitious TV lineup in years

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Samsung has begun shipments of its 2021 TV lineup, which is is led by new “Neo QLED” 8K and 4K TVs that use Mini LED technology to achieve greater contrast and improved picture quality than in previous years. With Mini LED, the company is able to cram much smaller LEDs — and way, way more of them than before — into the TV’s backlighting system. This gives the TV much finer control over dimming zones and black levels, and it should dramatically cut down on any unwanted “blooming” effect.

This year’s upper-end Samsung TVs also include a number of gaming-centric features like a new settings bar that puts all the crucial next-gen options — refresh rate, aspect ratio, input lag, and so on — within easy reach. Many of the TVs will start…

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Author: Chris Welch