Hero Forge Adds Customizable Wheelchairs For Minis

Hero Forge’s range of options for its customizable tabletop minis just got a little bigger, with the addition of a set of wheelchairs for adventure-ready wheelchair-using characters. The new options include three different styles of wheelchair, which have been added in time for International Wheelchair Day.

Hero Forge is a service that allows you to design a customized TTRPG miniature, complete with weapons, mounts, and even animal companions. The finished designs can then be bought as a pre-made figure, or downloaded as a 3D-printable STL file.

The new wheelchairs have been added in the “Mounts” category, and include a basic “Modern Wheelchair,” a decorative “Fantasy Town Wheelchair,” and a “Fantasy Battle Wheelchair” that’s exactly what it sounds like. The parts can also be mixed and matched between styles, with customizable wheels and handles.

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Author: Hayley Williams