Crucial’s X6 lineup of durable USB-C SSDs now has a whopping 4TB model


Crucial’s range of midrange, portable USB-C SSDs in the X6 lineup has a couple of new configurations starting today: one for big spenders who need a lot of storage, and another for people on a budget. On top of its 1TB and 2TB models, there’s now a 4TB SSD you can buy for $489.95. It’s priced higher than the current cost for two of its 2TB models ($190 each through Crucial directly), but like most SSDs, it probably won’t take long for it to fall lower than its original asking price. As for the budget-friendly option, you can snag a 500GB model for $69.95.

Back to the 4TB model, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better price on this much storage in a more compact SSD, which could make it a great option for people with large photo or video…

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Author: Cameron Faulkner