Watch Logan Paul Pull The Rarest Pokemon Cards From A Million-Dollar Box

As Pokemon marks its 25th anniversary this year, controversial YouTuber and occasional boxer Logan Paul decided to get in on the action as well. Paul spent big money acquiring several sealed booster boxes of First Edition Base Set cards, but he saved a $1 million dollar Pokemon first edition box for a livestream on February 28.

Within an hour, Paul had already begun pulling several incredibly rare and valuable cards that over 200,000 people tuned in to see. Two holographic Charizards and at least three holographic Chansey cards were pulled, and with Ken Goldin from Goldin Auctions present to do on the spot estimations of each card’s worth, the box paid for itself in a short amount of time. “My heart is beating so fast, this is crazy,” Paul said around 24 minutes into the stream when he pulled his first Charizard.

Goldin mentioned that he already has a first edition Charizard on auction which is ready to sell for nearly $400,000, although he expects it to reach a closing bid of $500,000 when the bidding ends this week. A Charizard holographic card with a Gen 10 rating would be worth as much as $750,000 at auction. Paul had previously livestreamed himself opening 36 packs of base set Pokemon cards in October last year, and he auctioned each pack off before opening them and donating the proceeds to charity.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys