Nvidia starts boosting frame rates by up to 10 percent on 30-series GPUs

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Photo by Sam Byford / The Verge

Nvidia has started to roll out support for Resizable BAR, a feature of PCI Express that can boost frame rates in certain games by up to 10 percent. The new RTX 3060 graphics card is the first to include Resizable BAR, which allows certain CPUs to access the full graphics frame buffer, instead of being limited to reading just 256MB blocks. Support for other 30-series GPUs will be available in late March.

You’ll need the right CPU, motherboard, and graphics card to utilize this new feature, and Nvidia is working with both AMD and Intel to provide chipset support. AMD’s 400 and 500 Series chipsets are supported, alongside Intel’s 10th Gen processors and the company’s upcoming 11th Gen S chips.

Image: Nvidia


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Author: Tom Warren