No, Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head Aren’t Going Anywhere

For the first time possibly ever, the plastic toy Mr. Potato Head ended up going viral Thursday, due to Hasbro announcing that the branded toy would lose its gendered pronouns and instead be labeled as simply Potato Head. As it turns out, though, both Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head aren’t being retired. Their packaging will just look a bit different.

“Hold that Tot–your main spud, Mr. Potato Head isn’t going anywhere! While it was announced today that the Potato Head brand name & logo are dropping the ‘Mr.’ I yam [sic] proud to confirm that Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head aren’t going anywhere and will remain Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head,” a tweet from Hasbro reads.

What this means, essentially, is that the packaging will be emblazoned with the Potato Head brand name and a description of which specific toy you’re buying. You can see the new packaging below. What’s more, according to Fast Company, Hasbro will release boxed sets of multiple Potato Heads without attached gender pronouns, allowing kids who play with them to essentially create their own potato family.

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Author: Chris E. Hayner