Cloud Strife’s muscle mass on PS5: a very important investigation

Image: Square Enix

Square Enix just announced Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a PS5-enhanced version of FF7 Remake that includes graphical improvements like “improved textures, lighting, and background environments.” But some users on ResetEra noticed one other potentially huge graphical upgrade: Cloud’s famously skinny arms may have gotten a bit beefier.

Did Cloud get more swole for next-gen, like the PS5 itself?

Clearly, this warranted a full investigation.

Check out this image, from user Tyaren:

Image: ResetEra user Tyaren

And this GIF, from user Rickenslacker:

GIF: ResetEra user Rickenslacker

Convincing, right? These two images make a strong argument. But my Verge colleagues and I weren’t totally sure….

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Author: Jay Peters