Bungie Rebalancing Destiny 2 Stasis Powers In PvP, Adding More Anti-Cheat Staff

Bungie is rebalancing several elements of Destiny 2‘s player-vs.-player mode in upcoming seasons, including the Stasis powers introduced in the Beyond Light expansion that have dominated the Crucible ever since. The developer says it’ll be reworking Destiny 2 subclass powers in the near future to make them all more viable, while making a lot of other changes to PvP over the next few content seasons.

The changes were outlined in a massive post Bungie published on its blog. First and foremost are its changes to the new Stasis abilities, which many in the player community have complained are too powerful and dominating in PvP situations. Bungie is adjusting several of those abilities to be less lethal to other players, while also fixing some bugs and other issues with Stasis that have made the subclasses not work as intended.

In addition to changes to Stasis, Bungie says it’s looking at changing the Light subclasses that existed in the game before the release of Beyond Light to make them more viable. The idea, Bungie said, is that it wants to achieve more of a balance between all the classes, while also making sure the emphasis in PvP stays on gunplay. Right now, players have complained that subclass abilities are too strong and overshadowing a lot of the bread-and-butter shooter gameplay at Destiny 2’s core, and it sounds like this is a key part of what Bungie means to address.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw